Getting Started With Drupal

Perhaps reading this document has helped convince you that you want to get started using Drupal. Many people who make that decision then ask, "Where do I start?" Start by downloading the latest version of Drupal from Then install Drupal on your local machine. Installing Drupal on a localhost is one of the best ways to get to know the system without having to pay for hosting costs.

Those who are not technically inclined may feel a little queasy when considering what they'll need to do in order to get Drupal installed locally. Take comfort in knowing that if you have a little patience and can follow directions then you can do it. I have created a video aptly titled "How To Install Drupal On A Localhost" to help get you started. The instructions in the video are applicable for Windows users and recommend a tool called Wampserver to create a web server on your local machine. Mac users can achieve similar results using a free tool called Mamp.

Once you have installed Drupal locally you should then take the time to explore and learn more about it. Some of the resources, like books and the website, mentioned in this guide can help you in your exploration and learning. I'm also developing a series of videos to assist with continued learning of the Drupal platform. This video tutorial series can be found on the web at http://l earnbythedrop. com/ gettingstarted.


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