Nodes are the basic building blocks of all Drupal sites. Every item of content that you add to a Drupal site becomes a node. When you create a page you have created a node. When you create a blog post you have created a node. A basic node has a title and a description just like you're used to if you've ever siavicit posted to a blog.

One differentiating feature of Drupal is the fact that you have the ability to create custom node types by using the Content Construction Kit (CCK) module. CCK allows you to build a node type that meets your exact specifications. So instead of just the standard title and description you can also add fields specifically for an address, a web link, an email address, a file upload and much more. Custom content types allow you to streamline your workflow and also create forms that allow users to submit different types of content to your site. CCK node types can be displayed on your Drupal site in almost any way you want by using the Views module. You can find more information on the standard Drupal node types on

Link Wheels for Dummies

Link Wheels for Dummies

The only thing you need to start a link wheel is CONTENT Articles and the mentioned pages at your money site to link to. But like anything in IM, building a link wheel is not an exact science. Feel free to build the link wheel the way it suits you. Learn more within this guide by downloading it today.

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