Technical Requirements

Beginner's should know some important information about Drupal requirements before they get started developing a site. You're going to need a web hosting account in order to get a website based on Drupal up and running. This will cost you anywhere from $7.95 to $50 per month depending on the features of the account. You can do more research in the hosting forum at Whichever host you choose there are two hosting features that are essential to building a Drupal site.

1. MySQL Database - The database stores all of the essential information about the configuration and content on your site. MySQL version 4.1 or higher is highly recommended.

2. PHP - PHP provides the necessary functions for the Drupal software code to run on your website. PHP version 5.2 or higher is recommended, although PHP version 4.3.5 should work with Drupal version 5 or 6.

You will also need FTP (short for File Transfer Protocol) access to your site. This is a standard feature of all hosting accounts and allows you to upload or download files between the web server and your local machine. If you are new to FTP then you will need to install a program that allows you to interface with your web server. Filezilla is a free FTP program that I use and recommend for you as well.

More detailed information on Drupal technical requirements is available at

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