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Save configuration

Save configuration

To activate the module, simply check the box under the Enabled heading, and then click the Save configuration button.

Where did Drupal get the information about our module? For most of this part, this information came from our file.

Next, we need to configure the module to display on our site.

Step 3: Displaying the Module's Content

The module we have created is a block module. Typically, blocks are displayed in specifically defined locations on the screen. What we want to do now is tell Drupal where to display our block content.

Just as with enabling the module, this is done through the administration interface. Go to Administer | Site Building | Blocks to configure block placement.

This tools allows us to configure the details of how blocks appear on the site. In fact, the site uses the templates that a site visitor would see. You can see how the site looks as you configure it.

At the bottom of this page is the block configuration tool—lists of modules along with page placement parameters. We will configure our goodreads module to appear in the right sidebar.

If all goes well, then our goodreads module should display in the right sidebar. Make sure to press the Save Blocks button at the bottom. Otherwise the block's new location will not be saved.

[ _ • To generate the preceding screen, the block placement screen calls the T

hook_block() functions for each of the block modules, setting $op I

to list. J

When the block's new location is saved, it will be displayed in the right-hand column on all of our pages.

Block Region Operations

Left sidebar


Left sidebar


User login

Left sidebar


Right sidebar

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