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Now that we have created the Assignment content type, we need to add a Date field to specify a Due date for assignments.

As shown in the screenshot below, click the manage fields link.

We will then Add a New field, as shown in the screenshot below.

ONew field

Gyr M IrHii^i A -.4-^.

1 Datetime v

|Text Field with Date Pop-up calendar


1 Due Date


-1 Field name (a-zr 0-9r )

Type of data to store.

Form element to edit the data.

Enter the following values: Label: Due date Field name: due_date Field type: Datetime

Selecting the field type exposes the Form element to edit the data option; select Text Field with Date pop-up calendar option.

Click the Save button. This brings up the final settings screen for Date fields, pictured in the screenshot below.

For most uses, including this one, the default settings will work perfectly well. However, we want to highlight 6 places on this screen that allow you to customize Date fields in order to make them do exactly what you want.

Item 1; Default Value: set to Now. This will autofill the form with the current time, which helps guide users as they fill it out.

Item 2; Input format: the default value is in military time. In some cases, users are more comfortable using AM/PM to indicate times.

Item 3; Help text: The text here will be shown to users as they are creating assignments. For this example, we can use Enter the date and time where the assignment will be due.

Item 4; Required: as all assignments have due dates, we set this to Required.

Item 5; Granularity: the items specified here will be presented to users as options when they create content. For example, if you only want to collect a day, you would set the granularity to Year, Month and Day. In this example, as we want to set a specific time assignments are due, so we opt to include Hours and Minutes.

Item 6; Date display: similar to Item 2, above, the default value is in military time. If this will pose a problem for your users, set it to a 12 hour time setting.

Once you have adjusted the settings, click the Save field settings button in order to save your changes.

Ordering Fields

After saving your field settings, you will be returned to the Manage fields page.

Assignment Edit Display fields

© Add fields and groups to the content type, and arrange them on content display and input forms.



Type Operations


Node module form.

Due Date


Datetime Configure Remove

4* Taxonomy

Taxonomy module form.

Menu settings

Menu module form.


Node module form.

File attachments

Upload module form.


4* © New field


field. |

- Select a field type - v | | - Select a widget -


Field name (a-z, 0-9, _)

Type of data to store. Form element to edit the data.

© Existing field

! 1

| - Select an existing field -

v |-Select a widget -


Field to share

Form element to edit the data.

© New group

1 i

group_ |


Group name (a-z, 0-9, _)

The fields can be adjusted via drag and drop. Drag the Due date to be second on the page. Click the Save button in order to submit the form and save the changes.

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