Groups Directory Control

The settings in this section define the default value for whether or not newly-created groups appear in the group directory. This directory is automatically created when OG is installed. The directory is discussed earlier in this chapter in the Useful Links for

Organic Groups section.

Registration Form Control

The Registration form control section sets the default value for whether or not the new site members will be given the option to join a group when they are joining the site. If you have multiple groups, listing them on the registration form can be overwhelming for end users.

Group Email Notifications

The settings in this section allow you to determine whether or not members to a group are automatically subscribed to emails when new content is published. When setting this value, remember that emails will only be sent when they have been enabled for specific content types, as described earlier in this chapter, and as shown in the screenshot under The Organic Groups Fieldset and Content Types section.

[ _The Notifications framework at I

\ notifications provides more fine-grained control over the standard I

OG notifications system I

Audience Checkboxes

Deselecting this option simplifies the process of creating content within a group. Selecting this option allows your users to place posts into multiple groups. As a general rule, leaving this box unselected creates a site that is easier for novice users; selecting this checkbox gives your users more flexibility, but adds a small amount of complexity. If you are unsure of what works best for your users, leave this box unchecked.

Audience Required

As shown in the screenshot under The Organic Groups Fieldset and Content Types, content types are allowed for use within groups. Requiring an audience for these content types (by selecting Required under Audience required) means that all content (of a type that can be posted into a group) must be posted into at least one group. Although these posts can also be public, they will appear as part of the group content. If an audience is not required (Optional is selected under Audience required), then a post can optionally be used inside a group, or can be posted entirely separate from any group.

Requiring an audience is often easier for new users, as it streamlines the process of creating new group content.

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