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As shown in the following screenshot, we will make four main edits to this view. We will add Fields, adjust the Arguments, delete the Empty text, and remove the Page display.

[r-srx" Adding views is introduced in Chapter 3, and cloning views is introduced I in Chapter 4. I

To add Fields, click the + icon as indicated, in the preceding screenshot, by Item 1. Add three fields: Node: Post Date; Node: Type; and User: Name. Click the Add button, and then configure the new fields to your preferences.

Next, edit the Arguments by clicking the Search: Links to link as indicated in the preceding screenshot by Item 2. We will edit the argument handling as shown in the following screenshot:

Select the options to only validate for Blog posts and Bookmarks. Additionally, check the option for Validate user has access to the node.

These argument settings confirm that we are only checking for backlinks on Blog posts and Bookmarks. As we add more content types (for audio, video, and images) we will need to update this view to check for backlinks on these additional content types as well. We will also use a version of this view in Chapter 13: Tracking Student Progress.

Click the Update button to store these changes.

Then, we will remove the Empty text by clicking the Filtered HTML link as indicated by Item 3 in the screenshot just above the preceding one. Delete the existing empty text string, and click the Update button to store the changes.

Deleting the empty text makes it so the view will not be displayed if the view returns no content. Although this would not be useful on a Page I

display, it is useful for a Block display, as this hides the block when there is nothing to show.

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