Seeing It Work

In this chapter, we have built the framework for the student blog, and started to build out the functionality that will support various types of interaction and discussion between people on the site. Now that we have built out this functionality, it's time to see how it fits together.

The backlinks functionality uses the site's search index to track links. The search index gets updated when cron jobs are run. We will discuss how to automate cron jobs in Chapter 15: Backup, Maintenance, and Upgrades. Until cron jons are automated, you can run a cron job manually by v) navigating to when logged in as a site administrator. If your backlinks are not showing (or any time search gives you unexpected results) triggering a cron job manually can help resolve the issue.

In this section, we will add some sample content to illustrate the functionality we have just built. To start, add some sample student users as described in Chapter 5. For this example, we will add two new students — lucy and helen.

We will then log in as helen and create two new blog posts. Helen's first post is shown in the following screenshot:

Copy the URL into your clipboard, and then, while still logged in as helen, create another blog post.

When creating this second post, add a link to Helen's first awesome blog post.

When creating this second post, add a link to Helen's first awesome blog post.

To add the link, highlight the text you want to be the hyperlinked, and then click the link icon, indicated by the arrow in the screenshot above. Paste the URL into the Link form, and then click the OK button.

Finally, submit the post.

Next, log out, and log back in again as lucy. As shown in the following screenshot, lucy will click the Student blog link to see what her classmates have been writing.

Lucy will read Helen's first awesome blog post, and after being inspired or motivated by helen's post, lucy will create her own post where she links back to Helen's first awesome blog post.

At this point, both helen and lucy have linked to helen's first post. When we navigate to this, we will see a screen which looks like the following screenshot:

The What links here block that we created earlier in the chapter shows all posts within the site that link back to this blog post. This allows site members to communicate with one another through comments, or through their own blogs.

Indexing and Linkbuilding

Indexing and Linkbuilding

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