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Within the site, we will want to see who is discussing what posts. In web parlance, this is referred to as a backlink. Fortunately, the Views module comes with a means of tracking backlinks by default. We will clone and customize this existing view to get exactly the functionality we want.

The process of cloning this view includes the following steps:

• The default backlinks view needs to be enabled and cloned.

• In the cloned view, the different displays need to be edited:

° In the Default display, Fields need to be added to the view, the Arguments need to be adjusted, and the Empty text needs to be deleted.

° As the new view will only generate a block, the Page display should be removed.

° In the Block display, the Items per page needs to be increased, the More link needs to be removed, and the Block settings needs to be changed.

• Then, once the new view has been saved, the block created by this view needs to be enabled.

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