Uploading an Audio File

The instruction for uploading an audio file is shown in the following screenshot:


Create Audio

|lhe First Podcast |

The title can use the file's metadata. You can use the tokens listed below to insert information into the title. Note; the node title is escaped so it is safe to use the -raw tokens.

0 Token list Body:

| H Source I J, ^C,^®}« P< | ^ | §| j % & $ j El ® ^ | Format [Woimal | *■ |j B / U ¿se | xz | | t^ 0 [|"llj M M a? Break Qi_

This is the finest podcast to ever be refeased upon an unsuspecting internet. 2

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O Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.

° Allowed HTML tags: <a> <b> <blockquote> <br> <caption> <center> <code> <col> <colgroup> <dd> <del> <div> <dl> <dt> <em> <font> <hl> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5> <h6> <hr> <i> <img> <li> <ol> <p> <span> <strong> <sub> <sup> <table> <tbody> <td> <tfoot> <th> <thead> <tr> <u> <ul> <tr > ° Lines and paragraphs break automatically. More information about formatting options 7 Audio File Info

Current File:

No file is attached.

Add a new audio file: 3

| C:\Documents and Settingslbi I lfitzgerald\MyDocuments\Mj|[ Browse... ]

Click "Browse..." to select an audio file to upload. Only files viith the following extensions are allowed: mp3, wav, ogg. NOTE: the current PHP configuration limits uploads to 8 MB.

[21 Allow file downloads.

If checked, a link v.ill be displayed allowing visitors to download this audio file on to their own computer. WARNING: even if you leave this unchecked, clever users villi be able to find a way to download the file. This just makes them work a little harder to find the link.

I Save ] I Preview J

To create a new audio file, click on the Create Content |Audio link, or navigate to node/add/audio.

1. Give the post a title

2. Enter a description

3. Click the Browse button to select the audio file to upload

4. Click the Save button.

Once you have submitted your podcast, you will be able to play it back as shown in the following screenshot:

The First Podcast g^jj Edit

This is the iinest podcast to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting internet! Add new comment Download audio file 0 downloads 1 plays

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