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http://drupal.o... [more) Added: July 05. 2007

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|<object width-"425" height-"355"xpararn name—"movie1 value—" '

Video Owner Options: Edit Your Video

Next you will submit a node on your site such as from Node | Add | Page (at /node/add/page), arid paste the embed code in the body for the node. You will need to enable either the new filter created earlier or Full HTML, as the embedded code will contain object and/or embedded tags, which would be filtered out by the default filter in Drupal.

If you want editors to have the ability to select their filter, you will need to enable that ability for a roler and possibly set up a new filter depending on your needs. Also note that you will need to disable the TinyMCE Rich Text Editor when embedding video directly into content if the TinyMCE module is enabled on yo ur site.

After submitting, your video -will appear in the content. As with any HT&IL embedded in your node body, you. may manually place your video at any point within the content such as after the second paragraph or at the end of the node:

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