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A recent phenomenon on the Internet has been the embedded sharing of images and other media from third-party providers. For example, Flickr is a site that allows users to upload photos for display, and further allows those photos to be embedded directly into another user's blog or other site.

Historically, this type of media sharing was discouraged, in part because of the strain on web servers when multiple sites might use the same image. Now, due to the increase of available bandwidth and the revenue available from advertising and other means, many sites actually encourage sharing images and media from their servers.

Flickr and other third-party image providers usually include instructions for users to include an image in their own blog, which may involve pasting HTML into a post, registering a blog with the site, or other methods. Although this is a possible solution for editors, there is an easier way for Drupal users.

Embedded Media Field

The Embedded Media Field module has evolved as a way to consolidate some of the larger third-party media providers. The last couple of years have seen an exponential growth in sharing media content between sites. Embedded Media Field tries to make managing this much easier for editors.

Now to include a third-party image in their content, an editor simply needs to copy and paste the URL of a post. Assuming the provider is supported by the module, Embedded Media Field will parse the URL or embed the code, automatically determine the provider, and appropriately display the image. Embedded Media Field handles video and audio as well, which we'll explore in later chapters.

First, install this module and its included Embedded Image Field from the project page at http : //drupal. org/proj ect/emf ield. For Flickr, which we'll be using for this example, you'll also need to apply for and enter a Flickr Developer's API key before images may be displayed. Do this by following the directions from the Embedded Media Field configuration page (by browsing to Administer | Content types | Embedded Media Field configuration at /admin/content/emf ield), and opening the Embedded Image Field section and Flickr underneath its Providers subsection:

_Chafer 2

Embedded Media Field configuration

B Emtiedded Image Fieid

The following settings configure content with any fields controlled by Embedded Image Field.


The following settngs determine what providers are allowed, and what provider-specific options, if any, are set.

9 Flickr configuration

These settings specifically affect images displayed from Flickr. pi Aiiow contant from Flickr

If checked, then content types may be created that allow content to be provided by Flickr.

--tf Flickr API

You will first Teed to apply for an API Developer Key fnm the Flickr Developer Profile page.

FlEckr API Key:

Please enter your Flickr Developer Key here.

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