Adding special properties to user profiles

With the Profile module enabled, we now have a new section within the User management area, called Profiles.

Create customizable fields for your users.

This provides us with a number of new options to add new fields to user profiles, including:

• Single-line text fields

• Multi-line text fields

• Checkboxes

• List selections

• Freeform lists

• Web addresses

Earlier in this chapter, we looked at how to extend the user profile in our site. Let's look at this again, but relate the options we wished to add to the types of fields that are available.

• Their pet dinosaurs' name — this would be a single-line text field

• Their pet dinosaurs' birthday — this would be a date

• Breed of dinosaur — this would be a list selection, with the different dinosaur breeds available from a list

• The dinosaur's hobbies and so on—this could be a multi-line text field, or a free form list allowing the user to either enter a lot of text or a number of different options

• Their web address (if they have one) — this would be a web address field

• Location/City/Area — this would be a single-line text field

• More information about the user—this would be a multi-line text field

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