Caution Search Engine Penalization

Most search engines use a number of different metrics to determine where a web site is positioned in a list of search results. Some search engines, such as Google have a metric (Google's is called Page Rank which factors in other things too) which is based on in-bound links, where a web site link from one site to another acts as a vote.

Some web sites and businesses use this to their advantage, and offer to pay for advertising space on other web sites (normally ones which have a high ranking). Both the buying and selling of advertising in this way is not something which many search engines like. Google even has an online tool to report web sites that do this, which result in their rankings being penalized.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying and selling advertising space. In fact, one of Google's core businesses revolves around advertising space. The solution is to alter how the link is structured.

A traditional link is structured as follows:

<a href=''>PacktPub</a>

If this was a paid advert on our site (or if we were buying the advert space on a site) we could structure the link like this:

<a href='' rel='nofollow'>PacktPub</a>

The nofollow attribute signals to search engines that we don't wish the link to be counted as a vote for the web sites rankings. So if this was an advertisement, we would not be penalized by search engines for buying or selling advertising space for it, on a web site.

It is important to note that there is nothing wrong with providing links

^SrX to other web sites without the rel=nofollow attribute. The penalty

Niii^ is applicable only to those adverts which are bought or sold, but not containing this attribute, as this is considered a trick to fool the rankings

Things to keep in mind:

• Only purchase ads, or buy ads from reputed web sites. Don't buy or sell links.

• Always use rel='nofollow' for the adverts you are displaying on your web site which you are paid to display, and for adverts you have on other web sites.

• Beware of emails offering to pay to put adverts on your web site-they probably don't have the rel='nofollow' attribute.

• Don't risk your search engine rankings!

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