Configure the module

There are two areas within the administration tools where we can configure this module, the first is within Administer | Site settings | FeedAPI settings. These settings allow us to set which HTML tags are allowed in the feed elements that are posted.

The second group of settings are in Administer | Site building | Content types | Feed. These settings define when the items from the feed are updated, including whether a feed should be refreshed when it is created, whether existing feed items should be refreshed when a feed is updated, and whether we should pause updating a feed, and also whether we can delete feed generated content after a specific period of time.

S Is a feed content type

Check iF you want to use this content type for downloading feeds to your site.

Default settings

® Refresh feed on creation

If checked, feed items vii!l be processed immediately after a feed is created. Update existing feed items

If checked, existing feed items will be updated when feed is refreshed.

□ Pause automatic feed update

If checked, feed will not be updated automatically on cron.

Delete news items older than:

1 year

Beneath that, we have the Parser settings which control how the feed is processed (parsed), we only have one parser installed, and it is currently enabled.

Parser settings

Parsers turn a feed into an object ready for processing. Choose at least one.

v Parser Common Syndication - only for PHP5 W\ Enable

Check this box if you want to enable the parser_common_syndlcation parser on this feed.


Control the execution order. Parsers with lower weights are called before parsers with higher weights.

Next, we have the FeedAPI Node - create nodes form feed items settings. These settings define how nodes should be created from the feed content, we can also specify whether we wish to set the latest few elements in a feed as promoted to the front page.

v FeedAPI Node - create nodes from feed items 13 Enable

Check this box If /ou cant to enable the feedapi_node processor on this Feed.


Control the execution order. Processors with lower weights are called before processors with higher weights.

Default settings

Node type of feed items:

Choose the node type for feed item nodes treated by this feed.

Created date of item nodes:

® Retrieve from feed O Use time of download

Promoted items:

The newest II items per feed will be promoted to front page. Leave empty and FeedAPI does not alter the promote property of the feed items.


® Check for duplicates only within feed O Check for duplicates on all feeds

If you choose "check for duplicates on all reeds", a feed item v/ill not be created if it already exists on *ANY' feed. Instead, the existing feed item will be linked to the feed. If you are not sure, choose the first option.

Most of these settings are shown as the defaults when creating a new feed, and can be changed by the user.

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