Hosting and domain names

There are many hosting providers and domain name registrars available, and as such, prices are generally quite competitive.

When looking for a web host, it is important to keep in mind the amount of web space required, bandwidth (amount of data that can be transferred from your web site to your users per month), service level agreement, minimum contract term, acceptable usage policy and of course the cost.

Most hosting accounts come with access to a web-based control panel to make many administrative matters easy, such as setting up email accounts, creating databases and so on. cPanel and Plesk are two of the most common control panels available. This chapter assumes that you have a hosting account with cPanel, although the instructions can easily be adapted to any control panel. If you would like more information and help with the cPanel hosting control panel, you may find cPanel User Guide and Tutorial by Aric Pedersen ISBN 978-1-904811-92-3, published by Packt Publishing (, useful.

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Some popular web hosting providers include:

• 1&1 Internet Inc (

• A Small Orange (

• Site5 (

• MediaTemple (

The domain name is the address which points to the hosting account (for example, Because of competitive prices you shouldn't expect to pay more than USD$10 per year for a domain name. Some popular domain name registrars include:

• NameCheap (

• GoDaddy (

Once you have registered a domain name, you will need to point it to your web hosting account by changing its nameservers to those of the hosting accounts. Your host should be able to provide information on the nameservers you will need to use, and your domain name registrar should be able to provide information on updating your domain nameservers.

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