Installing the modules

Let's install all the modules we are going to use in this chapter in one go. It will save us a little time.

• User relationships (

• Activity (

• Guestbook (

• Organic Groups module (

• Views module (

• Notifications module (

• Token module (

• Messaging module (

• Contact module

The Activity module allows users to see a list of recent activities on the site, such as viewing profiles or topics. This module also has the functionality that can extend the User relationships module to display messages such as "User X and User Y are now friends". The Guestbook module can be configured to allow users to post comments on one another's profile pages. The Organic Groups module allows users to work together in a more social and interactive way, by segregating discussion, collaboration, and communication. The Views, Notifications, Token, and Messaging modules are all dependencies for some of the other modules and must be installed for those modules to work. Finally, the Contact module allows both site-wide and user-specific contract forms. This is a core module and simply needs to be enabled.

All these modules, apart from the Contact module, must be downloaded from the addresses shown, and extracted into the /sites/all/modules folder so that they can be installed.

Once extracted into the modules folder, we have a range of modules (The User Relationships, Activity, Organic groups, and Views modules are actually packages bringing several new modules to our installation). We need to enable the following modules:

• Activity: Activity

• Activity: Activity history

• Activity: Comment activity

• Activity: Node activity

• Activity: OG activity

• Activity: User activity

• Activity: User relationships activity

• Core optional: Contact

• Messaging: Messaging

• Notifications: Notifications

• Notifications: Content notifications

• Organic groups: Organic groups

• Organic groups: Organic groups access control

• Organic groups: Organic groups notifications

• Organic groups: Organic groups view integration

• Other: Guestbook

• User Relationships: UR-API

• User Relationships: UR-Blocks

• User Relationships: UR-Defaults

• User Relationships: UR-Elaborations

• User Relationships: UR-Implications

• User Relationships: UR-Mailer

• User Relationships: UR-Node access

• User Relationships: UR-UI

With these installed, we can start to make some great improvements to our site!

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