Mollom provides two main services. It analyzes text to determine if the contents is SPAM, and it also offers CAPTCHA. If we wish, we can even use its CAPTCHA features in place of the CAPTCHA features set up with the reCAPTCHA and CAPTCHA modules.

Let's set up mollom to work alongside our current CAPTCHA setup, but with an additional backup of its own CAPTCHA system (in case it detects a SPAM posting). This works by sending certain form submissions such as a new page, comment or forum post, to the Mollom web service for analysis. If Mollom determines this to be a SPAM, the user is then asked to complete a CAPTCHA test.

As with reCAPTCHA, we need to sign up for public and private keys, as per the instructions mentioned on the Administer | Site configuration | Mollom page. These instructions contain links to the appropriate sign up page for Mollom.

v Mollom access keys

In order to use Mollom, you need both a public and private key. To obtain your keys, simply create a user account on mollom,com, login to, and create a subscription for your site. Once you created a subscription, your private and public access keys will be available from the site manager on Copy-paste them in the form below, and you are ready to go.


The nubile key is used to uniquely Identify you.

Private key: *


The private key is used to prevent someone from hijacking your requests. Similar to a password, it should n«ver be shared with anyone.

Once we have signed up, we need to enter the public and private keys into the appropriate boxes before clicking the Save configuration button.

The Mollom page then reloads, with a Site usage statistics section and Spam protection settings. The Site usage statistics section is an empty graph, which once our site starts making use of Mollom, will display a graph of spam attempts, and non-spam (ham) posts.

Since we have reCAPTCHA setup for the contact form pages, and registration forms, we should select the No protection option for these within Mollom. However, for content such as forum topics, book pages, and so on, we should use Text analysis and CAPTCHA backup.

Protect blog entry form:

I Text analysis and CAPTCHA backup PI

Protect book page form:

¡Text analysis and CAPTCHA backup 1-1

Protect dinosaur Friendly place fomi:

I Text analysis and CAPTCHA backup I-|

Protect forum topic Form:

I Text analysis and CAPTCHA backup [T[

Protect map of dinosaur friendly places Form:

¡Text analysis and CAPTCHA backup It]

Protect newsletter issue form:

I Text analysis and CAPTCHA backup I - |

Protect page form:

[Text analysis and CAPTCHA backup It)

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