Important disclaimer

The theme we create here is designed to illustrate how to create a theme quickly, based on an existing template. It is not designed to be a guide on best practices for theme design and creation. The resources mentioned earlier should help as a more comprehensive guide to creating themes. This just illustrates how easy it is to change the design of a Drupal site. When making this theme, you may wish to set your administrative theme to Garland, so that any changes made by the theme don't affect the administration area, so you can easily disable the theme if need be.

Theme structure

A theme is made up of the following files:

• An info file, which is required

• Template files

• A logo and a screenshot (optional)

Info file

This is a configuration file, which is named with the same name as the theme, with the extension .info, for example, dinospacetheme.info. An example .info file is shown below:

name = Dinospacetheme description = Theme for the dinospace website version = 1 core = 6.x engine = phptemplate stylesheets[all][] = style.css

This tells Drupal that our theme is called Dinospacetheme, that it is compatible with Drupal 6, and that the main style sheet which it will use is called style.css.

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