The Settings tab for this module allows us to configure some general settings for the module, email notifications for the module, elaborations and messages for the module.

General settings

The General settings allow us to set whether:

• Multiple relationships should be allowed (yes, by default)

• Links to create relationships with users should be shown on their profile page (yes by default)

• Their picture should be shown in the relationship pages (no by default)

• Users can auto approve certain relationship requests (no by default), and how many relationships should be shown per page

Enabling pictures in relationship pages allow users to see at a glance who their friends are. Auto approval allows users to be automatically friends with anyone who makes the request, saving them time if they are happy to do so. By extending the number of relationships per page, they don't need to move between pages so much. Now, let's make these changes.


0 Allow multiple relationships

Give users the option to create more than one relationship to each other.

m Show direct request links

Show a 'create relationship with...' link for each available relationship type. 13 Show user pictures in relationship pages

This will show relationships next to the u^er name on My relationships pages.

0 Allow users to auto approve

This will provide an option for users bo set an r'auto-approve" option to automatically approve to all requested relationships.

Relationships per page:

fJumber of relationships to show per page. If set to 0 all will be shown.

Email notifications

The Email options allow us to set if users can turn off the relationship messages (let's enable this; if a user gets lots of requests, it could get irritating to receive so many emails, so it is best to let them decide), and also allow us to define the content of the emails, simply by selecting the email and changing the content. A list of tokens which are substituted with values such as the username and the site's name are displayed when editing an email.

Email Options

[3 Allow users to turn off relationship messages

IF you check this, users will have 3 new setting on their account edit page.

t> Request o Cancel

O Approve o Disapprove

O Remove


The module includes an elaboration UI which allows users to send a message with their relationship request to other users. This is enabled by default, and can be disabled by checking the box.


Finally, we can manage the messages that users are presented with, when they perform certain actions.


Notifications to users. Replaceable tokens are; 'requester, ?requestee, £^relationship_nameJ %re I ation shi p_p kjral_name

■o Informational Submitted:

| Your % relationships a me request has been sent to reque;| Accepted:

| ¡requester's %relationship_name request has been approval Disapproved:

| ¡requester has dedined your %relabonshig„name request. | Cancel:

| Your %relatioriship_name request to requestee has been t|


|No action has been taken. |


[The It. relations hi p„n am e relationship of ¡requester to lrequ| Pending:

| ¡requester has requested to be your %relationship„narne. | Pre approved:

¡Yau are Irequestee's newest %relationship_name. |

t> Error

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