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The site-wide contact form enables our users to get in touch with us—the site administrator, or someone else who is assisting with the running of the site. When a user completes the contact form, they must select a category that their enquiry is relating to. We can then route the email to a different person depending on the category selected.

To configure the module correctly, we need to:

• Create a number of categories for the contact form, and set up the email addresses which they should route to

• Add information to the top of the page

• Enable the contact forms menu item

Creating the contact form categories

First, let's think about what we will use our contact form for.

• Gathering feedback on the web site

• Resolving member disputes

• Dealing with copyright content posted on the site

• Dealing with technical support issues relating to the web site

Feedback and copyright content issues are issues which we may wish to deal with ourselves, whereas member disputes and technical support issues could be handled by other members of our community who are happy to help out.

The contact module configuration options are in Administer | Site building | Contact form.

Contact form Add category Settings

This page lets you set up your site-wide contact form. To do so, add one or more categories. You can associate different recipients with each category to route e-mails to different people. For example, you can route website feedback to the webmaster and direct product information requests to the sales department. On the settings page, you can customize the information shown above the contact form. This can be useful to provide additional contact information such as your postal address and telephone number.

The contact module also adds a menu item (disabled by default) to the navigation block. The menu item can be customized and configured only once the menu module has been enabled.

Category Recipients S el &ctcd Operations

This page provides detailed instructions on how the module works and how it can be configured. It also lists the various categories related to the form and the email addresses it sends Contact form submissions to. Different categories can be set up to send the submissions to different email addresses. Currently, there are no "routes" listed on this page. We need to click the Add category link at the top to add our routes.

Here, we enter details for:

• The Category (website feedback) which the user will select from a drop-down list when the contact form is displayed

• The Recipients ([email protected]) the email address inquiries of this type should be sent to

• An Auto-Reply if we wish to automatically send the user an email, for instance, to thank them for their feedback

• A Weight to determine the order of this option in the drop-down list

• If this option should be Selected as the default option in the drop-down list


website feedback

Example: 'website feedback1 or 'product information'.

Recipients: *

[email protected] Example: 1 webmaster^' or

's a I es^example.comr supported ex a'. To specify multiple recipients, separate each e-mail address with a (Ofrirria.


Thanks for your feedback, we will take it into consideration.! *

Optional auto-reply. Leave empty if you do not want to send the user an auto-replt message.


When listing categories, those with lighter (smaller) weights get listed before categories with heavier (larger) weights. Categories with equal weights are sorted alphabetically.

Selected. No ~

Set this to Yes if you would like this category to be selected by default.


So, for the users we have for our contact form, we would need to create the following routes:

Gathering user feedback

• Category: website feedback

• Recipients: [email protected]

• Auto-reply: Thanks for your feedback, we will take it into consideration

Dealing with member disputes

• Category: member disputes

• Recipients: [email protected], [email protected]

• Auto-reply: Your message has been received; we will look into this matter as soon as possible

Dealing with copyright content reports

• Category: report copyrighted content

• Recipients: [email protected]

• Auto-reply: Your report has been received and will be investigated

Providing technical support to our users

• Category: technical support

• Recipients: [email protected]

• Auto-reply: Thanks for your message, we will get back to you as soon as we can

Adding information to the top of the form

The Settings tab allows us to provide a description for the Contact form, as well as the option to set an hourly threshold to prevent users from abusing the Contact form, and the option to disable the per-user contact forms.

Contact form

List Add category


Additional information:

Additional information:

Information bo show on the contact page. Can be anything from submission guidelines to your postal address or telephone number.

The maximum number of contact form submissions a user can perform per hour.

G3 Enable personal contact form by default

Default status of the personal contact form for new u»*rs.

Save configuration Reset to defaults

Let's enter a brief description for our Contact form and then click Save configuration to save the changes.

Enabling the contact form in the menu

With the Contact form setup and ready to be used, we just need to enable the link in the menu, so that our users can easily reach it and use it. The menu link can be enabled from Administer | Site building | Menus. From here, we go into the Navigation menu and check the enabled box for the Contact form module.

Once enabled, we then need to click Save configuration at the bottom of the page to save the changes made.

Taking the content form for a spin

We now have a new contact link in our menu, which takes our users to the new contact form.


° About Dinospage! ° Contact

The site-wide contact form is very similar to the per-user contact form, but with a few key differences:

• The information we entered is displayed above the contact form

• The name of whom we are sending the message to is not there

• We have a drop-down list of categories


Please use the Form below to contact Dino Space. Alternatively you can give us a call on +44(0)191 423 6208, we look forward to hearing from you.


Your e-mail address:

[email protected]

Subject: *

Site design looks bland

Category: *

website feedback #


Maybe make a custom theme? *

m Send yourself a copy.

If we click on the Send e-mail button with website feedback selected from the categories list, an email would be sent to [email protected] as we have configured it to. However, as we are working from a local installation, it won't be able to send the message.

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