If you remember, in Chapter 2, we created a vocabulary of dinosaur breeds in order to help us categorize content. The reason that we were not asked to select a dinosaur breed when creating a forum topic is because we needed to assign the vocabulary to this type of content.

We need to go to Administer | Content management | Taxonomy, where we can see the Dinosaur Breed vocabulary we created earlier. There is also a new vocabulary which was automatically created by the forum module, which contains each forum as a term. We need to click the edit vocabulary link next to the Dinosaur Breed vocabulary, and from here, we can select Forum topic as a content type the vocabulary can be used on.

w Content types

Content types:

□ Book page 0 Forum topic 0 Page

Select content types to categorize using this vocabulary.

On selection, we need to click the Save button at the bottom of the page to update the vocabularies settings. With that updated, we now have the option to select a Dinosaur breed when creating a forum topic.

Create Forum topic

Suhjecb Bathing tips?

Q vocabularies

-Caring for your pet dinosaur »

Dinosaur Breed:


Select the breed of dinosaur this relates too

Menu settings -

[ Split summary at cursor

I'm having trouble bathing my pet Pterodactyl, he keeps flying around the bathroom, does anyone have any tips for calming them down so you can bathe them?



This allows us and our users to categorize the content further, making the site more organized and relevant.

If we change the taxonomy setting above to also enable polls, then we can create polls within forums too. One of the great features of Drupal forums is that we can store any content type within a forum, making them more interesting and useful to our users.

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