Team Lullabot would like to thank the book's technical reviewers, including Robert Douglass, Ajay Gallewale, Jeffrey MacGuire, David Moore, and Matt Westgate. Thanks to Tatiana Apandi and Julie Steele from O'Reilly, who helped guide us through our first collective book authoring adventure. We'd also like to thank our business folks, Liza Kindred, Haley Scarpino, and Tim McDorman, for helping juggle schedules so that we could get this book completed. Jeff Eaton gets thanks for supplying photos for the image gallery chapter. Also, thanks to Lullabot's Kent Bye for working his visualization mojo on the Views module, and John VanDyk for his extremely helpful feedback on some of the biggest chapters in the book. And a special thanks goes out to Ivan Zugec, who graciously transferred ownership of the domain to us. And of course thanks to Dries Buytaert for inventing and open-sourcing Drupal; without him, none of this would have happened.

Angela Byron would first like to give a huge shout-out to her wife, Marci McKay, who was tremendously patient and understanding with all the late nights, and is in general extremely tolerant, even supportive, of Angie's insatiable Drupal obsession. A huge thanks also to her family—in particular, her mom and dad, Jeanne and Mike, and her siblings, Keith and Sara, for their support through the authoring process. John Wait and Debra Williams-Cauley also deserve thanks for their part in helping Angie realize her dream of authoring a book. Michelle Cox and Matthew Harrison helped provide early "sanity checks" for the book outline. Moshe Weitzman, Brandon Bergren, and Dries Buytaert provided technical review of some early versions of chapters, and Dries in particular offered thoughtful input and support throughout.

Addison Berry would like to thank her partner, Colleen McGraw, who was extremely patient about the lost weekends and neglected house chores, for pushing Addi onward when mired, and being an inspiration through all the ups and downs of life. Richard Burford, Alex Dergachev, Joel Farris, Jay McDonald, Don Palmer, Jose Reyero, and Brian Vuyk graciously gave feedback on her chapters, and Wim Leers supplied an emergency Dutch translation. The entire Drupal community has been amazingly supportive in her Drupal journey and of this book. None of this would have happened were it not for them. Lastly, thanks to my parents, Joan and Merlin Berry, for supporting all of the crazy things she's done in her life and never failing to believe in her.

Nathan Haug would like to thank his amazing parents, James and Aleda Haug, as well as his inspirational grandfather, Tom Arnberg. Thanks go to his technical reviewers, David Moore and John VanDyk. Extra thanks go to all of the authors of the Drupal platform and add-on modules. Nate thanks Earl Miles for Views and Jonathan Chaffer,

Karen Stevenson, and Yves Chedemois for CCK. The Drupal platform would never be what it is without the amazing cooperation between so many individuals.

Jeff Eaton would like to thank his wife, Catherine, for her deep well of patience and encouragement. Romantic dinners should not include module testing and troubleshooting, and Catherine's good humor when technology intruded was instrumental in seeing this project through. Doug Green, Earl Miles, and countless other members of the Drupal community gave excellent feedback and pointed out complexities that could easily trip up new users. Jason Scott and Jeff Benson provided endless late-night and early-morning commiseration, and Jeff's parents, Doug and Cindi, spent the better part of two decades encouraging his geeky adventuring.

James Walker would like to thank his two children, Andrew and Camryn, for their love, patience, and trips to the park. Karen Stevenson, Ryan Szrama, Earl Miles, and Nate Haug provided code that made his chapters possible and were extremely helpful in answering questions and providing insight. Thanks to his mom, Linda, who has always believed in him and who has always provided excellent housing for Lullabot retreats.

Jeff Robbins would like to thank his wife, Jennifer Niederst Robbins, for her love, support, and copyediting prowess, and his son, Arlo, for reminding him to keep things fun. Thanks to O'Reilly Media, which has felt like an extended family since the early 1990s, when he and Jennifer worked and met there. Jeff would like to thank Matt Westgate for being the best business partner he could imagine and for providing the stable, serene, and happy atmosphere in which Lullabot, the company, and Lullabot, the individuals, have thrived. Jeff also sends thanks and appreciation to Liza Kindred, for keeping the company running; to the rest of the team, for keeping him constantly amazed; and to the Drupal community at large, for all of the generous and astounding code that we call Drupal.


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