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Unlike some other content management systems and blogging software, Drupal does not have a separate design for its administration pages by default. Site configuration and editing of content use the same presentation as the remainder of the site. However, the large forms and tables needed to configure a Drupal site are often quite incompatible with the design and layout elements appropriate for the rest of the site—resulting in "broken" administration pages. Furthermore, many site administrators would prefer to make it clear when a user is in a nonpublic administrative area of the site. For these reasons, Drupal allows for an administration theme to be chosen by visiting Adminis-tersSite configurations-Administration theme (admin/settings/admin). This theme will be used for all administration pages (those starting with "admin" in the URL path), and optionally for content creation and editing pages. Figure 2-48 shows the Administration theme settings page.

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Administration theme

Administration theme:

Choose which theme the administration pages should display in. If you choose "System default* the administration pages will use the same theme as the rest of the site.

□ use administration theme for content editing

Use the administration theme when editing existing posts or creating new ones. f Save configuration} (Reset to defaults}

Figure 2-48. Administration theme settings page

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