Assumptions This Book Makes

You'll need access to a computer or server running PHP, along with a web server (Apache preferred) and database (MySQL recommended). For local development, there are several all-in-one Apache/MySQL/PHP packages available such as WAMP for Windows ( or MAMP for Macs (

Visit for a list of Drupal-friendly web hosting companies, and visit to read more about Drupal's system requirements.

You will also need to install Drupal, and the hands-on chapters assume that you're using the book's source code. Appendix A provides some basic instructions, but if you run into trouble or want to read more detailed instructions, see the Drupal 6 installation guide at If you are not using the source code provided with the book, Appendix C contains a list of all of the modules and themes that are used for each chapter so you can re-create them.

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