Attendance Tracking

The Signup module is designed specifically for the purpose of tracking event attendance, and has some nice features such as the ability to email reminders to attendees prior to an event. However, this module was unavailable for Drupal 6 and was undergoing development at the time of this writing.

Instead, we will use this opportunity to highlight a helpful general-purpose module called Flag ( Flag (known as "Views Bookmark" in Drupal 5) allows users to mark or "flag" a piece of content. This functionality can be used for a myriad of useful purposes, including marking content as offensive, allowing users to bookmark interesting stories, and even to let users mark events as "attending" or "not attending."

First, we'll set up a few basics for our site just using Drupal core and CCK. The main thing that we need in order to start off is a content type to handle our events. Log in to the Aurora Book Club site with the username admin, password oreilly, if you are using the installation profile.

We'll start by creating a new, basic content type just for events. We just need the event name and description along with an easy way to add the event location:

1. Go to AdministersSite buildingsModules (admin/build/modules) and enable the following modules:

2. Go to AdministersContent managementsContent types (admin/content/types) and select the "Add content type" tab (admin/content/types/add) to create a new content type called Event, using the settings from Table 9-1.

Table 9-1. Settings for the Event content type Field Value

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