Who is this book written for?

• If your lead developer can't seem to shut up about this weird "Drupal" thing, and you want to figure out what on earth she's talking about, this book is for you.

• If your boss has approached you and said, "We need to build a site that has X, and fast!" and "X" is a photo gallery, or a product review website, or an e-commerce site, or any of the other projects covered in this book, this book is for you.

• If you know your way around Drupal, but have found yourself paralyzed by the sheer volume of contributed modules, and need help figuring out which ones are worth looking at, this book is for you.

• If you consider yourself well versed in Drupal already, but want to broaden your horizons by learning about some of its more esoteric modules, and learn best practices for building powerful Drupal websites, this book is for you.

If you're completely new to creating websites and installing web-based scripts, this book probably isn't for you, yet. We assume that goofy acronyms like PHP, FTP, URL, ZIP, and HTML are in your working vocabulary. Likewise, if you're interested in hardcore, nitty-gritty details about Drupal's API functions, this book isn't for you: our focus here is on combining existing modules to build out functionality, rather than creating new ones.

If you're one of the rest of us, who fall somewhere between total newbie and computer science professor, we hope that this book provides you with an invaluable reference to building practical websites with Drupal.

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