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The module listing pages at, pictured in Figure B-1, list modules by category (such as CCK or mail-related modules), by name alphabetically, and by the date they were last updated. Browsing these category-based pages can be useful for determining the modules that exist in a particular space, and keeping an eye on the modules that are frequently at the top of the date list helps highlight those with active maintainers.

Drupal 5.x modules are not compatible with Drupal 6.x, and vice versa. To see an accurate list for your site, make sure to change the "Filter by Drupal Core compatibility" filter to show only those modules that are compatible with your Drupal version. You will have access to apply this filter only if you are logged in to the website. Getting an account is free and easy, and opens up many useful tools to you.

Another nice "hack" is keeping an RSS reader pointed at, which is a list of all the newest modules on as they are created.

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