Case Study

Sweet Tees is a local T-shirt store that sells wildly popular, custom-printed T-shirts. They have a physical storefront, and the owners enjoy running a small store and love their current location. However, they get frequent mail order requests for their shirts and stickers, and would like to grow that end of the business. Taking orders on the phone and tracking sales has proven to be inefficient and time-consuming for both them and their customers.

In order to increase sales, we will equip the Sweet Tees website with an online store that has integrated shopping cart functionality, where visitors to the site can add items to their cart without the hassle of having to create an account first. A shopping cart should be visible on all pages with a link to "check out" at any time. The store needs to flow seamlessly with the existing website so that customers have a consistent experience. Sweet Tees would like to make the checkout process as simple as possible, so we will also need to make sure we provide them with a single-page checkout, without requiring customers to create a user account. Finally, they wish to accept credit cards on their orders, so we will need to set up a payment gateway for this purpose.

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