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Mom and Pop, Inc., is a small organic grocery store in the midwestern United States run by its co-owners, Jeanne and Mike. Their current web presence is a long, endlessly scrolling static HTML page that lists general information such as the background of the company, its hours and location, and what promotions are currently running.

Neither Mike nor Jeanne is comfortable editing the code in the page by hand, so in order to update the web page content each week, they currently pay their next-door neighbor Goldie to hand-edit the page. Because this sort of manual labor is tedious, it usually takes a long time for her to get around to doing it. As a result, the site is frequently out of date and not doing much other than costing money to keep it online.

Mike and Jeanne would like to have a new, fresh site that they can manage themselves by filling out web forms rather than editing code. They need some static pages, such as a Home and an About page, along with a place to showcase special weekly deals. They would also like a contact form to receive inquiries from customers.

Mike and Jeanne also would like a blog where they can talk about things like in-store events or general goings-on in the community. Visitors to the site should be able to comment on blog entries, with anonymous visitors' comments going into an approval queue first.

Neither Mike nor Jeanne is a coder, so it's important that the content be easy to edit for someone without knowledge of HTML. And finally, the site should have some basic branding—site logo and colors—so that the site "feels" like their own.

Goldie's been hearing a lot about this "Drupal" thing lately, so she decides to give it a shot for this project.

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