Creating the Wiki Input Format

The two modules that we enabled have now added some new filters we can use. We can add them to existing input formats (like Filtered HTML) or we can use them to create a whole new input format. We are going to create a new format so that if we want to go back to the original Filtered HTML, then that option will still be available to us. An input format is simply an ordered collection of filters (filters take the text that's passed in and transform it before it's displayed).

First, we need to select which filters we want, and then we need to order them. The content will pass through each filter in the order that it is listed. If we are not careful about the order, we can end up having one filter override another and not end up with the result we are aiming for. Here are the steps involved:

1. Go to AdministersSite configurations-Input formats (admin/settings/filters), click "Add input format," and fill in the following settings:

• Check the following filters: HTML corrector, HTML filter, Line break converter, Markdown, URL filter, and freelinking filter, and save your settings.

2. You will be returned to the "Input formats" page. Click the "configure" link next to our new Wiki format.

3. Click the Rearrange tab and drag both the freelinking filter and Markdown to the top, as shown in Figure 5-4.

4. Click the "Save configuration" button when finished.

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