Defaults Field configure settingValue

Amazon: List price Label: Price

Amazon: Title Link behavior: A link to the node the product is associated with

Content: Fivestar Rating: Rating (field_rating) Label: Custom

7. Let's rearrange the fields into a different order. Click the tl (rearrange) icon in the Fields section. Drag the "(field_product_id_asin) Amazon: Title" field to the top of the list so that the product title is listed first.

8. Now that we have the fields, click the ® (gear) icon next to Style to configure the table settings, and use the values listed in Table 4-14 for a sortable table. Click Update when finished.

Table 4-14. Table style options for the Product finder view Defaults: Table style option Value Sortable All checked

Default sort Official rating

9. In the Filters section, click the + (plus) icon and check the Node: Published or admin and Node: Type filters. This setup shows only published review nodes,

Voting API results: Value fields

Custom label: Official rating Appearance: Fivestar Stars (display only) Relationship: Voting results Label: Reader rating unless the logged-in user has the ability to see unpublished nodes (administer nodes permissions), which can be handy. After clicking the Add button, configure the new fields according to Table 4-15, clicking Update after each form.

Table 4-15. Filter settings for the Product finder view

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