Downloading Drupal

This book's website contains a link to a downloadable copy of of Drupal 6, along with all of the modules covered in the book, and the themes used in the example websites for each hands-on chapter at Each hands-on chapter also has an "installation profile" (a set of starter scripts that configure default options) that bootstraps a starter site for each hands-on chapter. These installation profiles may be selected at the beginning of the Drupal installation process; for example, "Chapter 4: Job Posting."

Switching between one chapter's hands-on examples and another's requires making a new site while using the same source code. You can do so with minimal fuss using the following steps:

1. Either create a new database for the chapter's installation of Drupal, or delete and re-create the existing database.

2. Copy sites/default/default.settings.php to sites/default/settings.php, overwriting the existing settings.php file.

3. Change the permissions on sites/default/settings.php so that the file is writable.

4. Rerun the installation at

More information on how to install Drupal is available in Appendix A.

In addition to configuring some basic settings such as the site name, the theme, and so on, for each chapter, the installation profiles (with the exception of Chapter 2) also set up the following users:

username: admin, password: oreilly

The first user, who is in the "site administrator" role; can do everything on the site username: editor, password: oreilly

A user in the "editor" role; used for chapters that require users with elevated permissions username: user, password: oreilly

A normal user in only the "authenticated user" role

It is these users the chapters refer to when the instructions reference logging in as the "editor" user, or similar. Unless otherwise specified, it is assumed that steps are completed as the "admin" user.

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