Field Value Direct rating widget

Star Display Style User vote if available, average otherwise

Text Display Style Current average in text

Full node display <Hidden> Comment widget

Fivestar comment settings Optional rating

Click the "Save content type" button to save your changes.

Remember that you can play with the settings at Administer sSite con-figurationsFivestar (admin/settings/fivestar) to choose fun icons such as hearts or flames that users can use to rate content. If you choose a widget listed under "Custom color widgets," you can even choose a color scheme that matches your site.

With the ratings in place, we need to allow the site users to actually rate things. Go to AdministersUser managementsPermissions (admin/user/permissions) and set the permissions shown in Table 4-9. Click the "Save permissions" button to finish up.

Table 4-9. Permissions for Fivestar ratings Permission anonymous user authenticated user editor site administrator fivestar module rate content Checked Checked Checked

Figure 4-10. Widget settings for the Fivestar module

All of the essentials for the reviews are now in place. Writers on the site can write reviews that include pros and cons about the product, rate the product using an intuitive five-star scale, and pull in full pricing and manufacturer information from In addition, users can post their own comments about the product and rate it themselves. Figure 4-11 shows our new Fivestar ratings in action.

Figure 4-11. A product with an editorial rating, along with a user review in progress

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