Complementing the configuration of field input, formatters allow you to adjust how the data will be output when it is displayed to the users of your site. For example, decimals could be displayed with or without commas to indicate thousands, such as in Figure 3-4.

Figure 3-4. Configuring the display of a field formatter

Other modules may add additional formatters, giving you a plethora of ways of displaying information. The ImageCache module, covered in Chapter 7, is an example of such a module; it allows the display of resized images.

Keep in mind that the formatters available depend on the type of the data, making it very important to set up a field as an integer, decimal, or float if you'll be displaying numbers. CCK won't let you change the data type after the field has been set up, so if you need to change the type of field from text to integer (or any other conversion), you'll need to delete the field and add a new one with the desired type.

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