HandsOn Create Workspaces

The Workspace module is a snap to set up. When we are done with a few short steps, we'll have something like Figure 6-13 for all of our users.

1. First, go to AdministersSite buildings-Modules (admin/build/modules) and enable the following module:

• Other package


2. That's it! You should now see a "My workspace" link in the navigation menu, and each user on the site will have her own workspace as well.

3. At AdministersUser managements-Permissions (admin/user/permissions), you'll see that the Workspace module also defines some permissions. If users are given "administer own workspace" permission, they'll be able to configure settings such as how many items are displayed. Use the permission assignments shown in Table 6-7 and click "Save permissions" when done.

Table 6-7. Settings for workspace permissions

Permission: workspace module anonymous user authenticated user editor site administrator administer own workspace Checked Checked Checked administer workspaces Checked view all workspaces Checked

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