HandsOn Creating a Custom Theme

Let's look at how you can modify one of Drupal's themes to make it your own. There are many good themes that can act as a good "starter theme." The Drupal contributed themes repository (http://drupal.org/project/Themes) has several specifically designed for this purpose—the Zen theme (http://drupal.org/project/zen) is often recommended. For our example, we'll start with a simple core theme: Bluemarine, as pictured in Figure 11-5.

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Figure 11-5. The Drupal core Bluemarine theme

Bluemarine was Drupal's default theme prior to Drupal 5. It uses a table-based layout, which is generally considered bad practice in these days of CSS-based layout techniques. However, for the purposes of our example, it makes for a simple and clean starter theme. Let's see what we can do to customize it.

Figure 11-6 shows the Bluemarine theme directory. It contains template override files for blocks, boxes, comments, nodes (all types), and the page. There are images for the default logo and a screenshot for the theme listing page. The required .info file is there. The main stylesheet for the theme is called style.css and there's another sheet called style-rtl.css that gets called in when Drupal is displaying right-to-left languages such as Arabic or Hebrew.

D block.tpl.php D blue marine, info D box.tpl.php D comment.tpl.php i logo.prig D node.tpl.php D page.tpl.php [Si screenshot.png 7 style-rtl.css 13] style.ess

Figure 11-6. Bluemarine theme files

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