HandsOn Creating a Workflow

For the Twin City Arts site, we are going to need a few states for stories to pass through. We will need a "Draft" state for writers to save in-progress work that isn't ready to be reviewed yet, and we will need a "Review" state once a piece is submitted. Finally, we will need an "Approved" state where the story is published for all to see on the site.

1. Go to Administers Site buildingsModules (admin/build/modules) and enable the following module:

• Workflow package


2. Then go to AdministersSite buildingsWorkflow (admin/build/workflow). You will see a message that says, "No workflows have been added. Would you like to add a workflow?" To create one, click the "Add workflow" tab (admin/build/ workflow/add).

3. Enter a Workflow Name of "Article publication" and click the "Add workflow" button.

4. We are brought to the main workflow listing page shown in Figure 6-9, and we can see that our new "Article publication" workflow has been added to the list. At the bottom of the page is a list of content types. We want our workflow to apply to the Story content type, since that is what we use for articles. Click the select list in the Workflow column for the Story content type and select "Article publication." Click "Save workflow mapping" to save the changes.

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