HandsOn Creating Products

In this section, we will be setting up the product information for Sweet Tees, which is the first piece required to put together our online store. Ubercart's Product module provides a Product content type for us on installation, and the FileField (http://drupal .org/project/filefield), ImageField (http://drupal.org/project/imagefield), and ImageCache (http://drupal.org/project/imagecache) modules that we covered in Chapter 7 will allow us to display and collect images on products.

Go to AdministersSite buildings-Modules (admin/build/modules) and enable the following modules:

• CCK package — Content —FileField —ImageField

• ImageCache package —ImageAPI —ImageAPI GD2 —ImageCache

—ImageCache UI

• Ubercart—core (optional) package —Attribute


After enabling these modules, we can see that our store administration section has changed dramatically. Going to AdministersStore administration (admin/store) now

> As Ubercart uses the ImageField and ImageCache modules for all prod uct image handling, we can modify any of the default settings using the ' * techniques outlined in Chapter 7 to customize them for our purposes.

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