HandsOn First Steps

Our first step will be to change the default workflow settings for the Story content type that we are using for our articles:

1. Go to AdministersContent managementsContent types (admin/content/node-type) and click the "edit" link for the Story content type.

2. Scroll down to the "Workflow settings" section of the form and expand that fieldset.

3. Uncheck the Published checkbox.

4. Click the "Save content type" button to save the changes.

5. Go to AdministersUser managementsPermissions (admin/user/permissions) and we'll make sure that all users can create stories, that editors have full access to all of the submitted content, and that site administrators can administer actions, which will be covered later in the chapter. Set the permissions as indicated in Table 6-1.

Table 6-1. Content permissions Permission anonymous user node module administer nodes create story content edit own story content system module access administration pages administer actions

6. Click "Save permissions."

Now, if you log on as user, you can submit stories, but they won't appear on the front page and "normal" users can't see them. Logging in as editor and visiting AdministersContent managementsContent (admin/content/node) will show you those articles and allow you to read and publish them.

authenticated user editor site administrator

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