HandsOn Flag Configuration

In this section, we will configure the Flag module to allow our users to indicate that they are attending our events, as pictured in Figure 9-12.

1. Go to AdministersSite buildingsModules (admin/build/modules) and enable the "Other package: Flag" module.

2. Now go to AdministersSite buildingsFlags (admin/build/flags) to manage the defined flags. By default, the Flag module defines a "Bookmarks" flag when installed. We can either add a new flag or edit the default one to suit our purpose. As we won't be using "Bookmarks" on this site, we're going to edit the default. Click the "edit" link next to the bookmark flag (admin/build/flags/edit/bookmarks). Fill out the form according to Table 9-17.

Table 9-17. Attendance flag configuration

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