HandsOn Setting Up FCKeditor

Before we dig into the editor's setup, we will need all of the modules and requirements. You should download the latest versions of the FCKeditor and IMCE modules as you did earlier for the Administration Menu module in the "Hands-On: Working with Modules" section. The project page for FCKeditor is located at http://drupal.org/project/ fckeditor and the project page for IMCE is at http://drupal.org/project/imce. Once you have the modules in place, we still aren't quite done yet, because the FCKeditor module doesn't actually contain the FCKeditor software itself. This is because the FCKeditor software comes from its own, external open source website and community that develops and maintains it, outside of the Drupal community.

1. Go to http://www.fckeditor.net and click the Download link in the upper-right navigation area on the site, as shown in Figure 2-58.

2. The first version listed in the Download section will be the latest version of FCKeditor. In Figure 2-59, this is FCKeditor 2.6.3. Under the version listed are two links that you can use to download. The only difference is in the type of compression used, zip or tar, so you can use either. Click the link listed for the version you want. In Figure 2-59, this would be FCKeditor_2.63.zip or FCKeditor_2.63.tar.gz.

3. Once you have the file downloaded, go ahead and extract it. You should be presented with a folder named fckeditor.

4. You need to copy this folder into your FCKeditor module folder. There is already an empty folder with this name in there, so you want to replace that folder with the new one you just extracted. All of the similar names can get quite confusing, so make sure that your finished result has the following directory structure leading down to the FCKeditor software's main PHP file (also shown in Figure 2-60): sites/ all/modules/fckeditor/fckeditor/fckeditor.php.


I am just some <strong>text</strong>, don't mind me, <script>alert('i cAn pwn U');</script> Visit http://example.com

The original text entered by a user with some JavaScript in it.

1 Filtered HTML

nid vid uid title 4 4 1 Hi there

The content is stored in-the database, as is.

body foi

I am just some <stro n g >te xt</st rong>, don't mind me.:-) _<script>alert(pi cAn pwn U');</script> /

Visit http://example.com /

-The format to apply is stored as well,

/ When it comes time to display,it passes / through thefilters, in order.

Filtered HTML input format

URL filter

I am just some <strong>text</strong>, don't mind me. :-)

Visit <a href="http://example.com',>http://example.com<te>

HTML filter

I am just some <strong>text<fetrong>, don't mind me. ;-) aiert('i cAn pwn U');

Visit <a href="http://example.com">http://example,com</a>

-TheHTMLfilterstripsout the<script>tags.

Line break converter

<p>l am just some <strong>text</strong>, don't mind me. :-)<br f> alert('i cAn pwn U');<br/>

Visit <a href="http://example.com">http://example,com</ax/p>-HTML corrector

<p>l am just some <strong>text</strong>, don't mind me. :-)<br />

<script>alert('i cAn pwn LT);<fecriptxbr/>

Visit <a href="http://example.com">http://example,com</ax/p>

The final content display, allsafeand tidy.

Figure 2-57. Input format workflow from page creation to display

Figure 2-58. The Download link on the FCKeditor website

the text editor for Internet editor

Home Demo Download Docs License Support Forums Extras!

This HTML text editor brings to the web much of the power of desktop editors like MS Word. It's lightweight and doesn't require any kind of installation on the client computer.

Who's using FCKeditor? Development Site Roadmap

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Current Release


Download FCKeditor from our pages at Sourceforge.net using one of the Following links:

FCKeditor 2.6.3

ZIP File (source code included): GZip File (source code included):

FCKedltor_2.6.3.zlp FCKeditor_2.63.tar.gi

Nightly Build

Generated every night at 0:30 PST Irom ourSVN: FCKeditor_N.zip or FCKeditor_N.tar.gz

Figure 2-59. File download links for FCKeditor

• _dfKumentation.html

» (cutaiief.ehss.onc

Figure 2-60. Directory structure for the FCKeditor module

Now that we have our modules and the FCKeditor package itself, we can continue with installation and configuration.

1. Head to AdministersSite buildings-Modules (admin/build/modules), and enable the following modules:

• Other package


2. Go to AdministersUser managements-Permissions (admin/user/permissions) and check off the permissions shown in Table 2-22. Click the "Save permissions" button when done.

Table 2-22. FCKeditor module permissions

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