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Welcome to the SGA wiki site. This wiki is a central place for all members to work together on internal documentation and planning.

There is a Help page that explains how to create a new page and add formatting and links.

Figure 5-7. The new About page using the Wiki input format

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( Split summary at cursor


Figure 5-8. Our blank Help page with the Title prefilled

Remember that in our Freelinking settings we decided that all new content created from freelinks should be Wiki pages. This makes all new pages created by freelinks immediately editable by all users with an account on the site.

5. Let's add some help information for our users with the following Body text, and click the Save button to save it:

You can quickly create a new Wiki page by clicking Create content > Wiki page from the navigation menu.

You can read more about this site's purpose on the [[About the SGA Wiki]] page.

You will see that we have a new "Help" page and that the link text we put inside the double brackets created a nice link back to the "About" page for us.

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