Managing Publishing Workflow

For large, content-driven web projects, building the initial site structure and getting the design "just so" is only the beginning of the work. If more than a small handful of people are writing content for the site, the process of reviewing, revising, and publishing individual articles can be a Herculean task. Newspapers, online magazines, and even many large blogs with multiple contributors need tools to ensure that editors can effectively manage the review process. In this chapter, we'll be using Drupal's built-in workflow management options and automation tools, as well as a number of administrative modules, to build "workflow management tools" for a news site.

This chapter introduces the following modules:

Trigger (core)

Performs common tasks when specific events occur on the site Workflow (

Allows administrators to define custom publishing states for content, like "In review" and "Ready for publication"

Workspace (

Gives contributors quick access to all of their own content Views Bulk Operations (

Allows administrators to perform common actions (like publishing or rejecting content) on multiple pieces of content at a time

If you would like to participate in the hands-on exercises in this chapter, you should install Drupal using the Newspaper installation profile from the book's sample code, which creates the example website on your web server. The completed website's administration tools will look like the image pictured in Figure 6-1 and found at http:// For more information on using the book's sample code, see the Preface.

Figure 6-1. The Twin City Arts website

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