Managing Site Navigation

Great! We now have a couple pages on the site and our navigation menu is starting to come together. However, there's something a little funny going on: our menu items in the top righthand corner are displayed in alphabetical order, which puts "About Us" before "Home." It would make a lot more sense for "Home" to come first, so let's fix that by reordering the items listed in the menu.

1. Go to Administer^Site buildings-Menus (admin/build/menu) and click Primary links (admin/build/menu-customize/primary-links).

2. Using the handles on the left side, drag the Home item above the About Us item, as shown in Figure 2-15.

3. Make sure to click "Save configuration" to save your menu settings.

Home > Administer > Site building > Menus

Primary links

Add item Edit menu

To rearrange menu items, grab a drag-and-drop handle under the Menu item column and drag the items (or group of items} to a new location in the list. (Grab a handle by clicking and holding the mouse while hovering over a handle icon.} Remember that your changes will not be saved until you click the Save configuration button at the bottom of the page.

Menu item

Enabled g rat

Expanded Operations

Changes made in this table will not be saved until the form is submitted.

f Save configuration^)

Figure 2-15. Menu administration

Now our menu should look like Figure 2-16, with Home listed first. That's more like it!

Figure 2-16. Reordered navigation menu

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