Manual Content Moderation Tools

Automated tools are perfect for blocking obvious spam and robots, but what do you do to prevent trolls on your site from posting pornography or other offensive content? Mollom has the ability to flag content this way, but some websites prefer a more "hands-on" approach, particularly if there are legal ramifications to offensive content appearing on the website even for a second.

Drupal core includes some basic content moderation tools, such as the ability to set any content type as "unpublished" by default (hiding it entirely from everyone but the original author and administrators), and revision control so that further edits can be "rolled back" to one that was approved. But many Drupal sites employ the one-two punch of the modr8 module (, which adds a "moderation queue" status to content and some nice previewing options, as well as the Revision Moderation module (, a simple utility module that ensures that the approved version of a node stays published when subsequent edits are made.

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