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Hand-in-hand with creating content is being able to find it on the site. Drupal provides a built-in module called Menu for this purpose. Menus hold the navigation links to various web pages on a Drupal site. Drupal comes with three default menus:


The main system menu. In practice, this menu is the default "dumping ground" of links offered by modules, including administrative tasks. Primary links

An empty menu provided for custom navigation needs, typically displayed very prominently in the site's design. Major sections of the site such as "Home" and "Blog" tend to be placed in the Primary links menu.

Secondary links

Another empty menu provided for custom navigation needs, but more subdued in presentation. As a general rule, more supplementary pages such as "Terms of Service" or "FAQ" are placed in the Secondary links menu.

Primarylinks,with main site navigation.

Navigation menu,which contains links by default.

Secondarylinks,with supplementarysite navigation.

Navigation menu,which contains links by default.

Mom and Pop, Inc. c

About Us Blog Ontact Us FAQ

Home > Administer > Site building > Menus

Primary links admin

My account Create content Administer

Content management - Site building Blocks

Contact form V Menus

Navigation Primary links Secondary links •■ Modules Themes 1 URL aliases ■> Site configuration User management Reports o Help

Primary links

To rearrange menu items, grab a drag-and-drop handle under the Menu item column and drag the items Cor group of items) to a new location in the list, (Grab a handle by clicking and holding the mouse while hovering over a handle icon.) Remember that your changes will not he saved until you click the Save configuration button at the bottom of the page.

Menu item



Operations edit delete edit delete edit delete

\\ lave configuration^

Drag handles to re-order links.

Figure 2-8. Menu administration page showing Navigation, Primary, and Secondary link menus

As with the Page and Story content types, you don't have to use the premade Primary and Secondary link menus. They are merely a poten" f $ tial starting point that can help you get your site up and running quickly.

Figure 2-8 shows an example of all three menus in the default core "Garland" theme. Themes will be discussed in more detail later in the "Spotlight: Themes" section of this chapter. Also note that you can easily rearrange menu items by dragging them with the gray cross-handles.

Although under normal conditions, Primary and Secondary links are d two different menus, there's also a setting under Administer^Site build-7kv ing^Menus^Settings tab (admin/build/menu/settings) to make the same menu contain both the primary and secondary links. This creates a sort of "drill-down" effect in which the top-level items are displayed as the primary links, and any subitems are displayed as secondary once the main section is clicked on.

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