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In the earlier hands-on section ("Hands-On: Content Management"), we created an "About Us" page and a "Home" page and added them to our site's menu. But if you return to those pages, you'll see that the URL is something like http://www.example .com/node/1. Wouldn't it be great if we could instead give these pages nice search engine-friendly URLs like We can, with Drupal core's Path module.

The Path module allows us to specify human-readable URLs, referred to as URL aliases, which mask Drupal's default way of naming paths:

1. Begin by navigating to the modules administration page at AdministersSite buildingsModules (admin/build/modules).

2. Under the Core - optional package, check the Enabled checkbox next to the Path module, as pictured in Figure 2-24, and click the "Save configuration" button at the bottom of the form.

[_j ujjciuu u.n - - i : > :i :> lu <jy 11 mJ yuur sue u^niy u pel 11 u.

li Path G 4 Allows users to rename URLs.

Required by; Pathadto (disabled), Catalog (disabled]

Figure 2-24. Enabling the Path module

3. Click on the About Us page in the menu, and click the Edit tab.

4. Toward the bottom of the form, you'll see a new fieldset called "URL path settings," as pictured in Figure 2-25. Enter about as the path, and click Save.

& Ce m ment settings URL pattl settings about

Optionally specify an alternative URL by which Ibis node cart he accessed. For example, type "about" when writing an about page. Use a relative path and don't adit a trailing slash or the URL alias won't work.

& Authoring information

Figure 2-25. Entering a path alias for a node

5. Now, if you click on the About link in the menu once more, you should see the URL change to

6. Repeat the previous steps to add a URL alias for the Home page as well, using home for the "URL path settings."

Setting URL aliases by hand can be tedious. The Pathauto module (go to, covered in Chapter 5, allows you to set up customized rules that automatically generate friendly URLs for all of your website content (, users (, and more.

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