Placing a Test Order

We are now ready to make our first test order! Here's how:

1. Browse the catalog to find our "Example T-shirt" product. We must select a Color and a Size and then click "Add to cart." We will then be redirected to the cart view. Note that the "Shopping cart" block on the left instantly reflects the number of items (1) and total amount of our current selection.

2. From the shopping cart view, we could choose to "Continue shopping," which will redirect us back to the catalog overview, or we can make changes to our cart by removing items or updating the quantity of any product (by making changes and clicking "Update cart"). However, we would like to see the order process in action, so let's click Checkout.

3. We are now on the Ubercart checkout screen. The top portion of the page, shown in Figure 10-23, displays the contents of our shopping cart for confirmation followed by a customer information section, which—as we are currently logged in— will display our email address.

Sweet Tees



1 Item Total: S14.99 (View cart) (Checkout)


Checkout 1

1x Cooking with Drupal S14.99

Subtotal: S14.99

Order information will be sent to your account e-mail listed below. E-mail address: [email protected] (edit)

o My account

► Create content

► Administer o Log out

Enter your delivery address and information here. a Saved addresses: j Select one... ^ i^l •First name: Jane

Company: "Street address: 123 Main Street

Figure 10-23. The order summary and delivery details of the Ubercart checkout screen

4. Complete the delivery information and billing information sections with your information.

5. Continue down to the payment method. By default, "Check or money order" is selected as the payment method, with the address we provided earlier. Click on the "Credit card" option and the section dynamically updates to include a credit card entry form, as shown in Figure 10-24.

t Calculate shipping cost —

Shipping quotes are generated automatically when you enter your address and may be updated manually with the button below.

Click to calculate shipping

Shipping: S5.99

■r Payment method

Select a payment method from the following options.

Order total preview:

Subtotal: S1439

Shipping: $5.99

Subtotal excluding taxes: 520 98

Order total: 522 07

Payment method: * G Check or money order

Your billing information must match the billing address for the credit card entered below or we will be unable to process your payment.

Card Number:

Expiration Date: I 01 - January ill zoos il

Figure 10-24. The shipping and payment section of the checkout screen

Figure 10-25. The review order screen, where customers can make final adjustments

6. As we are using the Test gateway, we don't need to enter a valid credit card number to complete the order. We do, however, need to enter credit card information in a valid format. The Credit Card module will check to ensure that there are the proper number of digits in the card number and that the expiration date is still valid. Complete this section with the settings in Table 10-14.

Table 10-14. Credit card form Field Value

Card Number 4111111111111111 (that's 15 1s) Expiration Date July 2017 CVV 123

7. Upon clicking the "Review order" button, we are presented with a final confirmation screen, pictured in Figure 10-25, to review all the entered information. If there are errors, click the Back button and you will return to the checkout screen, where you can make corrections. Clicking "Submit order" will complete the transaction, send the email confirmation, and create the order record for store administrators.

8. When finished, the customer is presented with a thank-you page, with a link to view the current order status from the Orders section of his user profile.

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