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Cuisinar» Chef's Classic Stainless 2-Quart Saucepan with Cover $50.00 Ctt/ wT Ctt/ w* t/ Ct

Timolino 16oz. Aromatic Australian Press, black $17.00 it it it it it ititititii

Figure 4-12. Product finder view

1. Go to Administers Site buildings-Modules (admin/build/modules) and enable the following modules:

• Other package

—Advanced help

• Views package

2. Go to AdministersSite buildings-Views and click on the Add tab (admin/build/ views/add) and fill in the new view settings using Table 4-10.

Table 4-10. Settings for creating the Products view View setting Value View name products View description List of reviewed products View tag products

View type Node

3. After clicking the Next button, configure the "Basic settings" section of the view, using Table 4-11.

Table 4-11. Basic settings for the Product finder view Defaults: Basic settings Value Title Product Finder

Style Table

4. After setting those Basic settings, you will see a message that states "You need at least one field before you can configure your table settings." We are going to go ahead and do that in a minute, but first we need to create a relationship for our fields so that we can use Amazon-specific fields in the view and display the average rating given to each product by visitors to the site.

Click the + (plus) icon in the Relationships section and check both the "Content: Amazon item: Amazon product ID (field_product_id)" and "Node: Voting results" relationships. Click the Add button to add the relationship and then fill out the settings in Table 4-12 when prompted. Press Update after each form is presented.

Table 4-12. Voting Results relationship settings for the Product finder view

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